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The News Corp Metro iPhone app

A single white label app showcasing news in a modern world across 4 brands

News Brands
Metro iPhone

Taking apart the old

Deconstructing the old app, analysis of its flaws and harvesting feedback from its users

Old iPhone app

Fielding stakeholder requirements

So many business requirements, so little time. Avoiding 'insight soup' with numerous inputs from key business stakeholders, product managers, randoms and people who think they're in the know. Then, contrasting them with user insights (which were very interesting)

Stakeholder requirements

Validation and proving the new designs

Wires to illustrate the new designs and features coming into the app. New navigation paradigms, a repaired iA, plus a pattern library-approved design for the modern age.


Selecting out parts from the kit

Being heavily involved with the new UXD Pattern Library, I used its heavily tested parts to assist in the construction of the app. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Right?


Bringing in the new

High-fidelity wireframes for testing and selling back into the business

High Fidelity Wireframes

A better article page mirroring the trimmings in the physical paper

A new, clearer and modern article page, leading the way to a synergistic and familiar portfolio of products

Better article page