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Australia's most loved commuter paper gets an app

Taking the MX paper online all the time


Taking a vibrant community digital

The main reason MX was such a success was its community. We decided to put them front and centre.

Taking a vibrant community digital

A lean & fast paced project

Listen, learn, build & evaluate in just under 3 months


Research and leveraging existing data

Conducting contextual enquiries, defining personas, collecting and decrypting analytics and making sense of feedback from the paper version


Making sense of it all

Drawing up our information architecture and initial featureset

Let's test this in the wild

Paper prototyping and testing with users

Verson 1, the first of many

The beginning of a vibrant and brightly voiced community

Verson 1

A brand new way to talk

All the talk sections you know and love, all in one app

New way to talk

Great results and reviews

Great results and rave reviews in just a few days!


Check it out

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