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Better health & fitness for all Australians starts here

Designing one of Australia’s leading online health & fitness destinations


A new experience for the industry

How can we give the best health & fitness experience to all Australians?

What value can we provide and what package can we wrap all that in to scale to as many people as possible?

coreSTR Competitors

Competitor analysis and research

A deep dive into uncovering the lay of the land and understanding the market, industry, and its users.

coreSTR Competitors

Who is this all for? Who are the real users here?

Creating personas based on mass surveys, user interviews and talking to everyone we could get our hands on.

Deconstructing information and developing a content strategy

The approach we took was geared towards a frictionless user experience, both in buying products and consuming content

Information Architecture

Getting moody

Ensuring both the client and the customers would love the asthetic feel to the solution


Framing the solution

Prototyping and concepting. Battle-tested and validated with over 50 early-adopter users

An easy way to buy

A seamless, frictionless user experience. It’s never been so easy to buy your health & fitness products, ever.

An easy way to buy

Approachable health & fitness articles for everyone

Getting in qualified personal trainers to write articles targeted towards personas and user-types. Making sure they’re friendly, informative and encouraging.

Approachable Articles

A responsive hybrid CMS approach, the best of all worlds

Integrating Magento with Wordpress into a full responsive, cart-friendly front-end. A product and publishing platform made in heaven.


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